Pure Faction is no longer under development.
No additional Pure Faction updates will be released.

Install the Dash Faction patch to remain updated
The Pure Faction development team highly recommends you upgrade to Dash Faction.

If you're ready to upgrade now, click the button below to download the Dash Faction installer.
If you'd like to learn more about the benefits of upgrading to Dash Faction, scroll down.

Download Dash Faction

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What is Dash Faction? Why should I upgrade?
Dash Faction is an actively developed patch that picks up where Pure Faction left off. Dash Faction has been in development since 2016 and is the most fully featured Red Faction patch ever released.

In addition to actively receiving updates, Dash Faction performs better than Pure Faction and has more features, security fixes, and bug fixes.

Key benefits of upgrading to Dash Faction
Single player:
  • Autosave at the start of each level
  • Fixed submarine explosion bug
  • Fixed other framerate-related bugs
  • Enhanced campaign functionality
  • Fixed cutscene synchronization
  • Ability to skip cutscenes
  • Widescreen & custom resolution support
  • Multiplayer:
  • Higher tick rate
  • Performance & stability improvements
  • Improved map autodownloader
  • Click-to-Join (rf:// protocol handler)
  • Run map enhancements
  • First person & free look spectate
  • Multiplayer anticheat
  • Dedicated servers:
  • Higher tick rate
  • Timer bug fixes
  • Fixes for critical security vulnerabilities
  • Crash & other stability fixes
  • Lightweight server console
  • Hitsounds
  • Map voting
  • Additional configurable options
  • Level editor:
  • Fixes for level editor bugs
  • Resolution/aspect ratio fixes
  • Custom models for multiplayer maps
  • Raised editor/engine limits
  • DDS texture support
  • Expanded debug functionality
  • Additional editor improvements
  • In general:
  • Full Steam compatibility
  • Modern OS/hardware compatibility
  • High resolution & widescreen support
  • Enhanced mouse input
  • Anti-aliasing & anisotropic filtering
  • Numerous performance improvements
  • Countless bug fixes
  • Higher FPS limit
  • Configurable camera FOV
  • High resolution HUD & vector fonts
  • Virtually all existing PF functionality

  • Looking for instructions?
    Click the Dash Faction button below for simple instructions on how to install Dash Faction.

    Dash Faction Install Instructions

    Additional information about upgrading

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    If you have any questions or concerns, please join us on Discord.

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