Pure Faction is a community-made patch for the PC game Red Faction 1. It adds functionality such as automatic map downloads, support for modern hardware, bug fixes, new maps, an updated level editor, server creation assistance, first person spectate, a new user-friendly ingame interface and many other features.

The Pure Faction patch is deprecated and no further updates are planned.
Users are recommended to use Dash Faction instead.

Other related community services, such as the Game Tracker and FactionFiles.com, will continue to be supported.

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March 2018: Pure Faction 3.0e has been released to address a few issues.
  • OS compatibility improvements (works with the latest Windows 10 updates)
  • Stability improvements
  • Fix doubled accuracy display in multiplayer
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Historical Pure Faction versions:
Pure Faction 3.0d Update 1
Pure Faction 3.0d
Pure Faction 3.0c
Pure Faction 3.0
Previous versions of Pure Faction are available for download here. These versions should only be used if you have an issue with a newer version. We recommend you always use the latest version when possible. Automatic map downloader support for versions earlier than 3.0d was discontinued 2016/01/01.
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